Monday, February 15, 2010

Um, Really? A Blog?

Hello Interwebs!

Young Elaine and I have decided to commemorate our last several months (waaaa!) as roommates, doing the things we love to do most - cook and eat. We don't claim to be superior chefs, eaters or humans. But we do know that we have connected with many of our most favorite people through our love of cooking and food. We hope that through this forum we can share: awesome recipes (that means we expect your contributions too!), our love of cooking and of each other.

Part of this endeavor will include our very own Supper Club, an opportunity to come together every so often for a family style meal, ideally completely co-operative and as organic, local and sustainable as we all can manage. But most importantly thoughtfully prepared, delicious and full of love. More details to follow, soon.

Let's do it!

Love - Us Guys


  1. I'm hereby inviting Oni and myself to your Supper Club. We can bring wine or whatever.

  2. Excellent. You are hereby invited, anyway! We were going to do the first one on the 20th, but it turns out J will be out of town... we have to figure out a better night for it. And soon!