Saturday, April 10, 2010

Challenge: Clean out the Fridge: Part Cocktail

Perhaps you are in need of a cocktail after a long week (month?) at work and perhaps also you are too lazy to walk TWO BLOCKS to the liquor store, in which case you start getting creative. Hence the following two drinks.

First up:
I'm not sure what to call this. I took all the little bags of frozen fruit (mangos and strawberries) that were in the freezer from who knows when, some orange sherbet from who knows when and some really good rum from our Halloween party and blended it all together. Also added some juice from a forlorn looking lemon. While maybe not the best cocktail ever (Elaine said she would have preferred vodka), it was quite delicious and refreshing.

Next, Brandy Milk Punch.
I've been meaning to write about this one for a while. Elaine and F came back from New Orleans a few years ago with this recipe. Most recipes just call for brandy, milk, powdered sugar and nutmeg but Elaine always puts in creme de cacao too...not sure if the ones they had in N.O. had that but it sure is good so I don't care. And of course, since we are attempting to use up stuff in the fridge, this version isn't really traditional at all. In addition to the brandy, creme de cacao and milk, we also added the last of some vanilla ice cream and the seeds from a vanilla bean and blended it all together. It's like dessert in a glass!

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  1. It was I who ordered the brandy milk punch in New Orleans, at a restaurant in the French Quarter called Bacco. The punch did in fact have creme de cacao in it and man, was it good. It was pretty thick, almost close to a shake actually. I believe Elaine had a martini, which, amazingly, cost only 10¢. Oh yeah, and the food was great too.