Thursday, March 11, 2010

Homemade EGGS!

Look at these little beauties:

I have two adult students who are a married couple, and they happen to live in a town north of here where keeping your own chickens is legal. They got a bunch of chicks back in November sometime, and since I go to their house for their lessons, I've been able to get updates on them weekly. They have built the chickens a beautiful heated coop, and have given them names like Henry, Joanne, Ashley and Halloween. Actually, the truth about Henry is that he is no longer with us - he was beating up on Joanne so badly that the family had to step in. After a few failed attempts, they finally succeeded in... killing him, and ate him for dinner.

But that's not what this post is about! It's about the adorable little eggs the hens are finally laying! Here is a photo of them with a regular sized supermarket egg, for scale.
Three of them made a nice serving. Their shells were surprisingly hard - much harder than supermarket egg shells. They were really delicious - creamy bright yellow yolks. We just fried them up in butter with the last of the CSA ham steak.
Also surprising is how beautiful all the chickens are - there are almost no two alike in the... herd? is that what you say with chickens? Oh, flock. Right. Some are huge and black and white with red wattles, and some are golden colored with tons of feathers around their legs, making them look like they're wearing bell bottoms. They're pretty adorable, actually. But that's not to say I'm planning to stop eating chicken. I would have eaten Henry, had I been invited to dinner that night, with all due respect to him.

Anyway, according to the family, they're getting about 6 eggs per day now, and have to brave rooster attacks to get into the coop to get them. It's really fun, I hope I can keep chickens someday. I'll try to take pictures of them next week to post here.

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